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Request to change CA DFW policy regarding the stocking ...
Triploid trout are sterile and cannot reproduce. They are also more difficult for hatcheries to grow. As a result, trout stocking in CA has been sig
swimbaitApr-22-20 11:16 AM0989
Been posting quite a bit to facebook lately. It makes it easier for me to post updates. Stop by for fresh content https://w ww.facebook.com/page s/
swimbaitMar-27-15 10:26 AM015359
BASS has a contest going for 15 second fishing videos. Here's my entry. This is a cheap ploy to get votes :) http://gopro.v otigo.com/fbcontests /s
swimbaitNov-14-14 07:12 AM
by Ken A
Big Bass - In the Deep South
There are none. Ha! Well, I thought I would check in after living here in the South for the past 9 months and give y'all an update (see it's ru
swimbaitSep-26-14 04:30 PM
Froggin the South
Found some decent fishing at last :) https://www.yout ube.com/watch?v=YEON unL2V4I http://ww w.calfishing.com/dc/ user_files/9464-land ing.jpg T
swimbaitSep-11-14 08:57 PM
by HB
Oh the places you'll go
Reflecting today on all the places fishing has taken me. I can't help but be hyper-focused on catching fish, whether it's taking my boys to the local
swimbaitJun-02-14 08:09 AM
by MountainBass
Growing the record in Texas
Pretty good article in Bassmaster last month about a guy trying to grow the record down in South Texas. Sowbelly covered this topic in some detai
swimbaitApr-14-14 11:16 AM
by swimbait
Goals for the new Year 2014
Last year I aimed for a 30lb bag on Clear Lake and a 10lber on video. We made 29lbs in the ABA, but didn't quite crack the 30lb mark. Twice we hooke
swimbaitFeb-08-14 06:48 PM
by dockboy
We moved to Louisiana
In June we sold our home in the East Bay and flew to New Orleans to start a new chapter in this adventure called life. We're living on the North Shore
swimbaitJan-15-14 11:28 PM
by RiverRob
Line crisis
I'm having a mid life line crisis. Triple fish line seems to have gone out of business. There's line called trick fish which seems like the reincarn
swimbaitJan-02-14 05:33 AM
by swimbait
Big spybaits
Anyone making one yet?
swimbaitNov-27-13 07:34 PM
by Kevin_b26
Important Message from Bobby Barrack
We spoke with the reporter that put this piece together today. Apparently (not surprisingly) she over came some MAJOR opposition in trying to get the
Mike FNov-25-13 11:04 PM07662
Just in.....................RAGO 11" SKT Line Thru
Four colors. http://ww w.outdoorproshop.com /Rago-Swimbait-SKT-1 1-Line-Thru-p/rago-s kt11lt.htm
newmoonbiteOct-11-13 01:04 PM06895
Rago 11 inch soft tools!!
Available now and shipping in 3 colors!! http://w ww.outdoorproshop.co m/Rago-Baits-Soft-To ol-11-p/rago-soft-to ol11.htm Thank you!!!
newmoonbiteAug-13-13 04:49 PM07104
The next big thing in swimbaits
This link below has been online for years. I've always wondered when someone will get around to making this viable as a lure. It's already the right
swimbaitJul-15-13 11:28 AM
by MountainBass
Koppers Baitball
Someone finally did it. Yeah I know, the story of the lure I invented but never made :) But I did dream this up years ago. I pictured it as a large
swimbaitJul-10-13 07:34 PM07533
Photo of Perry's fish surfaces
http://www.foxnews.c om/us/2013/06/18/new ly-discovered-photog raph-may-show-george -perry-world-record- bass/?intcmp=feature s
SJJun-21-13 10:59 PM
by Slough Crew
New google maps
Google Maps has a new version. I guess you have to send some request to get access (their typical thing like with gmail early days). It took 1 day t
swimbaitMay-31-13 08:25 AM07590
Bass jump upside down
Watching the gopro has taught me something. Bass, and big bass in particular, jump upside down. Virtually every pic I take off the gopro of the fish
swimbaitMay-24-13 04:54 PM
by Slough Crew
Jackall Veyron bluegill
I was wondering if any of you have used one. It's a bluegill type bait with a Hudd tail, the only place I have seen them for sale is ebay or Japanese
Slough CrewMay-24-13 09:52 AM07774
Declaring Clear Lake Hitch Threatened or Endangered
The Center for Biological Diversity is petitioning CA DFG to list the Clear Lake Hitch as threatened or endangered. Read it: http://www.fgc. ca.g
swimbaitApr-24-13 05:11 PM
by swimbait
What's up with the internet
I go to calbassin.com and it's some weirdness going on? Like the site is shutting down or something? I go to sdfish and it tells me I have to disa
swimbaitApr-01-13 11:35 AM
by Lake
New Slammers
Picked up a few new 9" baits from Mike and tossed them in the pool to check out the actions. Stoked as always. Got a bass and a goldfish (new color)
swimbaitMar-03-13 03:23 PM
by Phil
Goals for the New Year
Dang, January 14th already :) It's time for the goals for the new year post already! Last year was a pretty thorough fail for me :) I was hoping to
swimbaitFeb-08-13 08:23 AM
by MountainBass
It's been a while, but I started fishing again!
...and luckily I've got a couple :) Check out this trailer video for my new project! https:// vimeo.com/58112873 Would love to hear your thou
OliverJan-30-13 12:41 AM07045
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