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Topic subjectRE: Soft Plastics and Bass Jigs - Cheap!
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1826, RE: Soft Plastics and Bass Jigs - Cheap!
Posted by swimbait, Mon Nov-20-06 02:13 PM
As I understand it, Assalt is doing away with most of their product line, including the jigs. Does this mean they will never be available again - most likely yes.

Assalt and Big Hammer have the same owner, and the high demand for the Big Hammer product line has made the reduction in Assalt's product line necessary from a business standpoint.

I'm especially sad to see the jigs go but it'll just be an advantage for me down the road when people can't get them any more :) The 5/8oz King Kobra jig is the one to buy if you're stockpiling like me!