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Topic subjectNew baits I am bringing to the Bass-a-thon
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2994, New baits I am bringing to the Bass-a-thon
Posted by Mattlures, Tue Nov-15-11 02:24 PM
These are some new Hardgills. I have improved just about everything on them.
The biggest improvement is my new resin. I have made my own mix and added some ingredients which make these things just about unbreakable. The fins are a little shorter and a little thicker at the base and I have not been able to break them even after casting onto rocks on purpose. I was able to get some minor scratching but no chips. I believe these are the most durable resin hard baits on the market. I also made the eyes a little bigger and I improved my paint patterns. The tail is no longer made of soft plastic. Now I am using an extremely durrable rubber that will stand up to even toothy fish. The joints are cleaner and tighter by looking at them but they are actualy a little more free swimming. The baits swim incredible at all speeds. They swim at the slowest of speeds and they thunp hard when speed up. The thumping will call strikes. I have wakers, divers, lipless and slolem gills. I have floaters slow sinking and fast sinking. I have 1 joint and 2 joints and YES THAT IS A BRAND NEW 4 INCH BABY HARDGILL!!!!!!
For the Bass-a-thon I am bringing some limited edition colors. Hope to see you guys there. I will be there Saterday but I might have to leave saterday night. My rep will still be there with any baits that didnt sell Saterday
2995, RE: New baits I am bringing to the Bass-a-thon
Posted by Phil, Tue Nov-15-11 07:06 PM
Those look awesome Matt!

I think having a diving version of your bluegill is a great idea. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those.
2996, RE: New baits I am bringing to the Bass-a-thon
Posted by Mattlures, Thu Nov-17-11 02:05 PM
Thank you Phil.
2997, RE: New baits I am bringing to the Bass-a-thon
Posted by SWMB8R, Thu Nov-17-11 02:21 PM
Can you make me one the size of a dinner plate :P

Great looking stuff as always Matt. I hope to see you Saturday if I make it to the show.