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3002, RTM Fishing Kayaks
Posted by Spike, Thu Jan-05-12 12:04 PM
Greetings All and Happy New Year!
I publish the web site Kayakfishing.com and have been laboring in the kayak fishing scene for many years. To make a long story short, after 16 years of recommending all the best kayaks as I know them to thousands of anglers, I am now representing sales for the best line of fishing kayaks on the planet. RTM Kayaks are manufactured in the south of France with a California warehouse.
Here's a link to the reason I did this

I'm happy to email a brochure of the top fishing models on request, the file is too big to attach here. I can also send a color catalogue via snail mail. Both RTMKayaks.com and Kayakfishing.com will soon be re-published to represent this relationship.

Superior craftsmanship, unique design features and a few years on the water sold me on RTM with the best solo fishing kayak (Abaco), the best "big man" fishing kayak (K-Largo) and the best tandem suitable for 2 adults to fish and family use (Ocean Quatro). Like the original Scupper kayak, I believe the RTM Kayaks could last 30+ years with proper care and storage.