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Topic subjectKeitech Easy Shad
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3004, Keitech Easy Shad
Posted by swimbait, Tue Feb-14-12 06:18 PM
MMM, this looks nice for Alabama Rig fitching. Keitech has come out with some great products in the last few years. High quality, consistent stuff all around. Really thinking highly of these guys lately. This stuff will be sold out in a few days I bet.

3009, RE: Keitech Easy Shad
Posted by Sacto John, Tue Mar-13-12 12:41 PM
Again, Rob you caused me to spend $$ I read this post and bought some based on your suggestion. Have caught a few fish on them on the back of my homemade a-rigs. I think the Pro Blue Red Pearl is a good imitator of a pond smelt.