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Topic subjectMattlures Strong glides
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3033, Mattlures Strong glides
Posted by Mattlures, Wed May-01-13 08:26 PM
Calfishing I am going to release a run of glide baits tomorrow morning, Thursday.
The Mattlures Strong glide is a two piece glide bait. At slow speeds it will gracefully weave left to right with a smooth gliding motion. At medium speeds the action tightens up a little and the bait starts to display it's unique action. At faster speeds the action becomes aggressive and you can feel the bait thumping. This is what sets it apart from other glide baits on the market. It is very versatile. You can twitch the bait and make it walk the dog both on the surface and under the surface and the bait will do a 180 degree turn with a sharp twitch. Like all the Mattlures "Strong" series baits these are made with my super resin which is extremely durable. The tail is made from rubber, not plastisol and should never need to be replaced. The hardware is premium with XXXhvy rings and Owner trebles. The paint jobs have many layers and effects which bring the baits to life. The Strong glides are 7 1/2 in for the perch and walleye and 7 3/4 in for the bass colors. They weigh between 3.4 and 4.4 ounces. and come in floating, slow sinking and Fast sinking.