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Topic subjectPut the hurt on the Lings!
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5356, Put the hurt on the Lings!
Posted by Stardust, Sat Oct-13-12 05:57 PM
Great charter today at Santa Rosa Island. Really put the wood to the lings today! 18 Anglers brought in 2 Whitefish, 177 Rockfish, 22 Lingcod, 1 Diamond Turbot, 3 Cabezon. Truely an amazing day!! Sunday's 3/4 day has space available just show up at 6am. Monday deck boss Sal has a private charter with a few spots available. Call Sall for info-805-696-8491. Call the Sea Landing for all reservations for open party trips 805-963-3564.

http://www.calfishing.com/dc/user_files/9090- akepathphoto_4-3.JPG