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Topic subjectGoals for the new year
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11823, Goals for the new year
Posted by swimbait, Wed Dec-29-10 02:00 PM
Looks like it's that time of year again :) But first a stroll down memory lane...

Goals of the year 2003
Goals of the year 2004
Goals of the year 2006
Goals of the year 2007
Goals of the year 2008
Goals of the year 2009
Goals of the year 2010

Fun to sit back and read through some of those old posts :)

Well let's see. Last year my goal was one fish over 15 and win one team tourney. We won an ABA on McClure so that was good. Never tangled with any 15lbers though. Hooked one maybe 13lbs and lost it, that was my best shot in 2010.

This year my goal is to win at least one team tournament and catch a bass over 17lbs. She's out there somewhere.
11825, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Sacto John, Wed Dec-29-10 04:20 PM
I am still stuck on what I wanted all the way back in 03: a Double Digit Bass...come on it can't be that hard, it really can't, can it?
11826, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by swimbait, Wed Dec-29-10 06:36 PM
Ha. It's hard. Darn hard in most of Nor-Cal these days. I felt like I made a solid effort at it this year and caught the fat zero. Don't feel bad.
11827, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by supermat, Wed Dec-29-10 11:18 PM
Rob, thanks for putting this post up. While I haven't responded in recent years I always look forward to reading it. I was worried it wouldn't be here now that you're a family man and your attention is elsewhere.
This is still one of the greatest forums out there and its a shame its not frequented as heavily as in the past. It definitely hasn't been forgotten and it will come full circle.
This year was tough for me in terms of numbers. I made up for it somewhat in size but overall 2010 was a struggle.
More and more my focus is moving away from largemouth. I'd still love to get a 15 this year but I'm leaning more towards the spots and smallies.
I'd like to get a smallie and a spot over 6 1/2 lbs. Both of those will be really difficult but I feel like I've at least got a shot. It will be a fun pursuit. :-)

...good luck on that teener Float n fly fish. ;-)
11828, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by TrouserTrout, Wed Dec-29-10 11:23 PM
Well my goal last year was to stick a DD. I did that 3 times. My goal next year is a Teener and get better with hardbaits.
11830, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by SWMB8R, Thu Dec-30-10 11:53 PM
30 pound striper and learning new techniques that are away from the traditional when it comes to the same fish
11833, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by CA Swimb8er, Mon Jan-03-11 02:40 AM
I want a teen bed fish :)! LOL I have a few over ten, but no teeners off of beds. I have fished for a few; up to 19 pounds (HONEST 19 pounds too). They are annoying suckers! LOL A 13 plus off a bed would be great.

I want a DD bass flippin' heavy cover. I've caught plenty of 8 to just under 10 pound bass flippin'. I want a DD doing that BAD; because I love to fish that way.

Do more bay fishing. It's relaxing and the fish are MEAN!

Fish DVL more!

Long time goal is a lake record out of Lake Jennings; but I'm not even worried about that this year. If it happens it happens.

I mainly just want to relax more, worry about myself; and do what makes me happy. And if others don't like it; oh well. LMAO

And shooting some coyotes wouldn't hurt either! New hobbie of mine! Coyote hunting :)! hahaha

Hope everyone makes their goals this year, or at the very least; has fun trying.

11834, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Samurai TI, Mon Jan-03-11 08:59 AM
Cool to see the post.

My first and foremost goal is to take my son fishing more. I only took him out like 3 times in 2010 and feel very guilty about that!

Other goals for me is to win a boat tournament, catch a 10+ largie and a 15+ lb striper.

I think all of these are achievable!

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11835, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Nico, Mon Jan-03-11 07:54 PM
2010 was a weird year, but some fun fishing was scratched out. My goals this year will be the same as last... win a tournament and get a new personal best largemouth. Came close last year, but close doesn't count.

Happy new year!

11836, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by swimbait, Mon Jan-03-11 09:20 PM
Aw man, the year in photos. Best thread hijack ever.

11838, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by dockboy, Tue Jan-04-11 09:16 PM
Get back into fishing tournaments and just fish more often. I started fishing more last year than I had in the last few years, but this year I want it be consistent. Try and catch my first steelie here in SC, since its close and for the heck of it.

Nico, where did you get that cabbie ,and was it in a float tube or a pontoon? I've thought about tubing in the salt before, but never tried
11839, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Nico, Wed Jan-05-11 11:18 AM
That was at Linda Mar beach in Pacifica from a kickboat, a long row away from the beach. But I only chose that beach because I wanted striper. It's a very unprotected spot, with big waves and fairly bad rock codding. Bean Hollow is the popular spot for kayak fishing (if the frequent shark-on-kayaker attacks don't bother you). NorCalKayakFishing.com usually is a good place to read reports and stuff.
11840, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Phil, Wed Jan-05-11 01:11 PM
I'd like to get a teener out of Santa Margarita or Lopez. I just hope I get to fish a bunch though.
11841, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by mteman, Wed Jan-05-11 05:57 PM
My goals are the same as last year.
Catch a 10+ from the delta. Came close last year.
Win at least one tourney with my club. Achieved last year.
Catch a teener anywhere. Not even close last year.

11842, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by MountainBass, Sun Jan-09-11 09:57 AM
2010 was a sweet year. Bunch of swimbait fish. Visited Bolivia, Peru, Belize, Mexico, and Hawaii, went to 16,400ft, explored the amazon, electro shocked lots of awesome fish for a living and survived a bacterial infection in my bloodstream.

this year I reaally want a 40+lb limit this year. I also wanna catch that massive spot/redeye thing again so I can get it identified. I know where it lives :)

11843, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by Matt Peters, Mon Jan-10-11 09:53 AM
I like the year in pics idea and posted to my blog:

11844, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by ICSpots, Mon Jan-10-11 12:08 PM
Come on Matt! I can't believe you didn't include the Cali surfer girl pic. Oh the shame.

11845, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by calicokid, Mon Jan-10-11 11:27 PM
Is that 3 piece Nezumma supposed to imitate a dalmatian going for a swim?