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Topic subjectGoals for the new year
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11823, Goals for the new year
Posted by swimbait, Wed Dec-29-10 02:00 PM
Looks like it's that time of year again :) But first a stroll down memory lane...

Goals of the year 2003
Goals of the year 2004
Goals of the year 2006
Goals of the year 2007
Goals of the year 2008
Goals of the year 2009
Goals of the year 2010

Fun to sit back and read through some of those old posts :)

Well let's see. Last year my goal was one fish over 15 and win one team tourney. We won an ABA on McClure so that was good. Never tangled with any 15lbers though. Hooked one maybe 13lbs and lost it, that was my best shot in 2010.

This year my goal is to win at least one team tournament and catch a bass over 17lbs. She's out there somewhere.