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Topic subjectRE: Goals for the new year
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11833, RE: Goals for the new year
Posted by CA Swimb8er, Mon Jan-03-11 02:40 AM
I want a teen bed fish :)! LOL I have a few over ten, but no teeners off of beds. I have fished for a few; up to 19 pounds (HONEST 19 pounds too). They are annoying suckers! LOL A 13 plus off a bed would be great.

I want a DD bass flippin' heavy cover. I've caught plenty of 8 to just under 10 pound bass flippin'. I want a DD doing that BAD; because I love to fish that way.

Do more bay fishing. It's relaxing and the fish are MEAN!

Fish DVL more!

Long time goal is a lake record out of Lake Jennings; but I'm not even worried about that this year. If it happens it happens.

I mainly just want to relax more, worry about myself; and do what makes me happy. And if others don't like it; oh well. LMAO

And shooting some coyotes wouldn't hurt either! New hobbie of mine! Coyote hunting :)! hahaha

Hope everyone makes their goals this year, or at the very least; has fun trying.