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Topic subjectRE: Declaring Clear Lake Hitch Threatened or Endangered
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12135, RE: Declaring Clear Lake Hitch Threatened or Endangered
Posted by MountainBass, Sat Dec-15-12 04:08 PM
Here is at a gene sequence from clear lake hitch that I found on Genbank. There are more. Im not sure why he thinks they are introgressed? I haven't read that anywhere?

/organism="Lavinia exilicauda"
/mol_type="genomic DNA"
/strain="Clear Lake"

1 ggcgcttgca ggtactccga ttacccgggc cgatggtgca attgttggtg ttcaatgcca
61 ttatcaaagg taggggatct ctgngacytt ctgcactttc tcgtgnaact gggagnccat
121 ttaatgggta ctttcatgaa ccgcaggctc caaaatgtaa gcagtgatgc cttgaggcca
181 acatgggtcc cttatgcctc aacakaggct ggtgaa

There is pretty good evidence that this is a unique species. Differences in the gill arches that would make sense for a more lake-oriented feeding habit as they are used in filering algea and plankton, and a deeper body, also often associated with slow and still-water environments.

Lastly...someone find me a good definition of a subspecies :)