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Topic subjectLine crisis
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12200, Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Thu Nov-28-13 05:55 PM
I'm having a mid life line crisis. Triple fish line seems to have gone out of business. There's line called trick fish which seems like the reincarnation of it but I bought some and it seemed all bad. Like crusty stuff on the line from dye or something?

I need a new line brand. Especially for mono. I'm a mono guy at heart. I'm most in need of good 16, 20 and 25. Big Game just won't do it for me. I want to because it's cheap, but I can't do it.

Another caveat is that I need something that TW carries. Way too lazy to go to a tackle store or wait 13 days for cabelas to send it to me. Help.
12201, RE: Line crisis
Posted by MountainBass, Fri Dec-06-13 05:19 AM
I recommend Zebco Oniflex. Oh ya, and eagle claw. You pretty much cant go wrong with eagle claw. :)


Seriously dude get Big Game! Whats your beef with them? I fish with Jeremy and he snaps his line like daily with P-line.
12202, RE: Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Fri Dec-06-13 08:52 AM
All 3 of my team partners over the years used big game. Sometimes it seemed real good but other times it just broke at random. The randomness of it is what bugged me. I want a line that is very consistent. Even if you have to change it a lot or it has higher diameter or whatever. Most of all I want to know it will behave the same way every time. Triple Fish camp was that line for me.

Randomness of the world ... We went fishing at Disney World yesterday. They used triple fish on all their rods. The guide seemed to think trik fish should be the exact same product ... And the line on their reels seemed good. So I'm wondering if what I got from TW branded as trik fish was a bad batch or something. Ug.
12203, RE: Line crisis
Posted by MountainBass, Fri Dec-06-13 01:41 PM
Bad batch = randomness.

Well I can assure you that there will be no surprises with eagle claw or zebco. Consistent at least haha.

Naw seriously though, Big game 25 and 30 I have had very very few problems with. And most were my own fault. Like a kink in the line from an earlier backlash or from letting jeremy use my equipment for a day - he has a magic way of creating trainwreck scenarios . As for the weaker line like 15, I think I had about as much randomness as with any other line. And it typically happened when there was a LV500 on the end too.

And yes, that is super weird that disney world guides use triple-fish?!
12204, RE: Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Sun Dec-08-13 08:35 PM
Bad batch is the problem. I want only good batch. One time I really did get a bad batch of Triple Fish 8lb test fluoro (two spools of it). Nico got what seemed like a for sure bad batch of Big Game once that I recall.

When we moved to Louisana my lines all sat in storage for more than a month. I'm positive it ruined a lot of my line so I'm rebuilding :/

Polling the experts, Cameron and Matt fish P-Line CXX. Mark fishes Izor Platinum XXX. It seems like having a lot of X's in your line name is important. I tried Triple Fish X-Rated when it came out, it was pretty awful in anything above 8lb test. Maybe it didn't have enough X's in the name?

Looking at my spools of Trik Fish more, I keep wondering... is it just a bad dye job or is the line itself suspect. Finding out the answer to that question is no fun. Envisioning myself tying off to a log and battling it like a moron to see what happens.

Tonight I ordered some Izor XXX off Charkbait. See what happens. This is eating my mind.
12205, RE: Line crisis
Posted by jock, Mon Dec-09-13 11:00 AM
Not that I'm anywhere near your level Rob, but I've been using Izor XXX for almost a decade. Between throwing iron in the salt and swimbaits, I havent had a failure. Fairly cheap price wise so you dont have a problem respooling, has good stretch, I like it a lot.
12206, RE: Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Mon Dec-09-13 11:40 AM
That's cool, I appreciate the feedback.

For big bait fishing, I think reasonably priced lines are the way to go. Expecting some high dollar line to last longer because it's more expensive doesn't really work in practice because inevitably the line gets damaged in some way that affects the whole line so you need to just toss it.

Today I'm contemplating taking the go pro to the pond behind my house and battling a giant log on video as a line test just so y'all can have a laugh. Maybe tie on a 2lb weight and do some overhead casting while I'm at it.
12207, RE: Line crisis
Posted by MountainBass, Wed Dec-11-13 08:21 PM
ee-gull claw! ee-gull claw!

McLovin, Time of the season, breakup etc,

Naw but seriously add eagle claw and zebco to your test for fun. be fair!!
12208, RE: Line crisis
Posted by Jeremyfisher, Wed Dec-11-13 08:30 PM
Dude I just saw this thread....."I fish with Jeremy he snaps P-line daily." "Or I let Jeremy use my equipment, he has a magic way of creating trainwreck scenarios."


Mclovin'? Break up?
12209, RE: Line crisis
Posted by FIT, Tue Dec-17-13 12:32 PM
ever thought about using Sufix, i like it

12210, RE: Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Thu Dec-19-13 11:58 AM
Haven't tried Suffix in a long time. Got the Izorline in the mail earlier this week. Looked good. Tied a few knots and pulled on it a little. The hard thing about lines is that it takes real-world application to see how good they are.

Some lines are good when they are new, then you get one snag and break it off, and the line is messed up. Some lines are good when you set the hook with 50 feet of line out and bad when you set the hook 5 feet from the boat. Some lines get weird when they are wet for a long time.

I'll revisit this after more real-world test :)
12211, RE: Line crisis
Posted by Sacto John, Thu Dec-19-13 03:46 PM
I to bought some of the Trick Fish Camo, total garbage line, nt like the TripleFish at all. I use to use Big Game for swimbaits and have used it the last three years on my Tuna trips and have not really had an issue with it.
12212, RE: Line crisis
Posted by SWMB8R, Wed Jan-01-14 10:14 PM
What did you think?
12213, RE: Line crisis
Posted by swimbait, Thu Jan-02-14 05:33 AM
Izor = good. Line seems very consistent, strong and easy to fish with. I like it.