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Topic subjectGoals for the new Year 2014
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12214, Goals for the new Year 2014
Posted by swimbait, Mon Jan-06-14 02:00 PM
Last year I aimed for a 30lb bag on Clear Lake and a 10lber on video. We made 29lbs in the ABA, but didn't quite crack the 30lb mark. Twice we hooked the fish to do it but they escaped :)

Fishing with my older son Derek, we landed a 9lb 15.5oz bass on video (couldn't make it up if I tried). Don't need the video to remember the moment. We fished for 30 minutes that day and got the one bite, it was a cool deal.

So with no goals accomplished but still a fun year, here we are in 2014. My goals this year are to find a sweet spot to catch bluegill or crappie with the kids. Go bowfishing at night and actually hit a fish with an arrow. Catch a 6lb bass somewhere (hey it's Louisiana) And carve the time to go fishing with old friends and new ones.

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