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Topic subjectRE: Goals for the new Year 2014
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12218, RE: Goals for the new Year 2014
Posted by MountainBass, Wed Jan-08-14 08:18 AM
The years are going by faster and faster! its crazy. I encourage everyone whose been talking about doing something great for years to make it happen this year. Time is going by fast!

Last years goals:
A 10+ LMB in middle america
A 20lb+ Masheer
A gounch on rod and reel!

1 - ha. I fished middle america twice last year for a total of one gar and one bowfin, and some crappies.

2 I did get one 10+ mahseer and one about 9 on a triple trout which was awesome. Probly the first ever Mahseer caught on a swimbait. They dont get used in the Himalayas much :)

3. Tried for a few hours, but they are elisive. Maybe this year.


22+ limit of smallmouth
Goonch in the HImalayas on rod and reel
Publish the descriptions of the new fish species I discovered in Bhutan!

Highlights 2013:
Swimbait Mahseer:

Annual Team 85 trip:

New species of Catfish from Bhutan: