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Posted by BAMF, Sun Jun-01-03 05:00 AM
Way-ti-go Jed!! Boy did I put my foot in my mouth when I said the Japanese 19.4 would probably be the largest caught this year, anywhere. There have been two bigger that have come out of Dixon.
I talked to "The Boss" Mike Long today, and he "plucked" a ninteener out of his lake today (oops--is that a secret Mike?).
By-the-way, I interviewed the guy that got the 19.4 at Lake Ikehara in Japan. He and his group of guys that share info, 5 dudes, have got 30 teeners this season, as well as a 16.85 pounder. They have been working on two fish that are much larger than the 19.4 ( they all saw the 19.4, and several of them worked on it for 2 days in the crystal clear water). But until they catch it, I would say that the largest bass in japan is 19.4 lbs. That is just the way it is, in my opinion. Since I am rambling on, Biwa Lake in Japan produced countless double didgit fish this season. To see some of them go to my web site www.bigbait.jp
click on the generic swimbait section in the Big Bait area of the menu. Sorry, only japanese as of yet....we are working on an English version, and Spanish and Italian in the future.
Until next time,
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