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Posted by RODSNAPPER, Fri Jun-13-03 12:38 PM
I don't think anyone question's Paul's angling ability, or that he is a solid big bass hunter (The photo's on the web page don't lie!)

Was this the fish that spawned (No pun intended!) the "Bathroom Scale" controversy?

If so, I have to say (IMHO) that Paul acted in what he felt at the time was the most responsible manner with regards to the safety of the fish. I RESPECT THAT! NO BLAME OR FINGER POINTING SHOULD HAVE COME FROM THE RELEASE, THAT WAS HIS CALL.

What I have a problem with is the bathroom scale that his wife brought down to the dock.(If indeed, we are speaking about the same fish claimed @ 24lbs.)

If he thought that it had a chance at the record, why not find a rope or stringer and "Wade" in the water with the fish?
"Yo Bud, Can I borrow your Ice Chest and the curly cue straw from your son's Pepsi? "BRO! I'll buy you friggin' 20 KEGS of brew if I have what I think I have."

I would have waited 40 years for the DFG to come down and certify it.
(They could have pried that fish from my cold dead hands)

If wifey can bring you a bathroom scale, and you pull it out of the water for photo's, could'nt she dial 911 or 411 and make the call??

"Yes operator! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! Get a cop to bring me a certified scale and a piece of paper with the line "Witness" at the bottom. Better yet, write me a DAMN ticket with the certified weight on it. I'LL GO TO COURT!! Hell, I'll look forward to it!

You can't hand a picture to the DFG and say, "Game Over" I win!
"No, really! it's 24lbs!!!! I swear, officer...My wife brought down the BATHROOM SCALE.............Oh, you mean "Certified Scale". No, what I did was weigh myself, then weighed my self holding the fish, and subtracted the weight, and divided by the circumference of the Earth on it's rotational axis.... But wait, I did have a big breakfast that morning, so.......Give me a break!

What is this a UPS package?

Do I think Paul is a bad person, or bad angler? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Could Paul have done things differently? ABSOLUTELY!

Well, I guess we are all experts on Monday morning.

Before you guys bury me on this post, ask yourself one simple question. "WHY DO WE DO IT?" I bass fish with the hope of one day breaking the record, as well as the competition from my club and other tournaments. I think it is safe to say that you don't see Mike Long busting his hump landing all kinds of toads, and dragging around a "Weight Watcher's" special.(Wait, those are certified scales...My Bad!)

I'm also a pragmatist who understands that if I did ever hook "The One!"(Yeah right!) It is probably not going to survive the ordeal, and it will be donated to B.A.S.S. for their hall of fame. Please don't start with me on catch and release practices(I CPR!),we are talking about (1) RECORD fish, and one fish only. If it has a chance to live, GREAT keep it in a tank or build a monument for it! Reality may dictate a different fate for the fish, and you have to consider that.