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Topic subjectRago Live Trout in water and my review
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3210, Rago Live Trout in water and my review
Posted by Carrot Top, Tue Nov-11-03 04:37 PM
Someone in another post wanted to see what the Rago "Live Trout" looked like in the water.

Well RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS... and you'll see a 9 second clip that I took today when I was testing mine out.

Now to my opinions on the bait:
The hook setup is perfect! There is NO WAY the two hooks will connect and foul up with each other, at least on the bait I got. The action is absolutely awesome when reeled SLOW... just a nice side to side motion. Dives down to about 5-8 feet... hard to tell when casting from shore though.
Once or twice the back hook stuck into the back rubber part and caused the bait to run sideways. The other problems I had with mine today were a few little paint chips and the very back of the tail splitting in 2 parts... Nothing another coat of clearcoat and super glue won't fix.

Ratings out of 10:
Size: 10 candy bar trout size( a little under 10 inches)
Action: 9.5
Paintjob: 6-7 (Good looking paintjob, needs to be clearcoated after you get it for it to last though)
Profile: 9 (has the top to bottom profile of a trout w/fins)
Durability: 8 (would be higher but the tail will need replacing probably once a season depending on how much it's thrown, hopefully they are cheap)

Probably more I could add but this is getting long.
Enjoy the video!
Erik P.