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Topic subjectGoals for "this" new year of 2004
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3521, Goals for "this" new year of 2004
Posted by Fish Chris, Thu Jan-01-04 07:59 AM
I dunno' if I am the only dummy who got thrown off here, but I read halfway down the thread "Goals for the new year" thinking this was a "new" post...... and I'm thinking, "Geez, a bunch of the goals you guys are talking about, you already did this year"..... Why aren't you raising the bar ?

So anyway, I finally got down to mine and figured it out. Amazingly, the only goal I set, was the one I thought would be the toughest, that is, I did get my one bass over 17 lbs.

So basically, since I did not meet my other goals, I am simply going to go with my goals for 2003, but upgrade my "one bass over 17" to, "one over 19, which in fact, will be a new lake record, no matter where I catch it (up here in Nor Cal), also a Nor Cal record (unofficially, since there is really no official list) as well as a new PB.

So, my goals for 2004 are:
3 double digit bass in one day.
15 lb'er on night crawlers (did get a 14.1 this year on crawlers)
50 lb five fish limit.
30 bass over 10 lbs for the year. (good luck !)
One bass over 19'lbs

Oh, and aside from bass, a freaking keeper Sturgeon (first) then an over sized one (72" plus) !


PS, Congrats to you guys who met so many of your goals in 2003 !!! Great job ! Hope 2004 is even better !