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Topic subjectRE: Goals for 2004
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3522, RE: Goals for 2004
Posted by Jeremyfisher, Thu Jan-01-04 08:51 AM

With me being over here on the east coast, my goals have to be set lower than that. But I plan to spend about 80-90 days on the water this summer on a pretty good lake, so my goals should be respectable. I want to beat my PB of 14.4 by 1.8 lbs. That's the number one goal. I would also like to dominate my local club tournaments and place in the top 3. But that's secondary. I would like to catch a 5 fish 45 lb. limit in the early summer. I would like 7 over 10 lbs. And 80 over 5 lbs.

*16.2 lber (In my dreams!)
*45 lb limit
*80 fish over 5 lbs
*Top 3 in Bass Club
*7 over 10 lbs
*Put two of my friends on their first double digit
*Catch an 8 lb. Spot
*Catch an 8 lb. Smallmouth