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Posted by Fish Chris, Tue Jan-06-04 07:27 AM
Although your apparently not too concerned with what the "non-bedfishers" think about it, if you ever do have one of them try to give you a hard time, you might consider telling them this >
Ya' know, I have never heard of a guy who put a lot of time into bed-fishing, who really learned how to stalk them, who really learned how to trigger a strike from the big ones, who ended up landing a bunch of real giants, and who then woke up one day and said, "Hey wait a minute, I have caught "too many big fish, too easily" therefore I don't want to do this anymore ! LOL :-) YEA RIGHT !

Same goes with live bait. The guys that knock these two techniques almost never have an extensive background of experience with them. In other words, they are going by how things "seem", instead of how they "really are" (or should I say, "how they have actually experienced it"). There loss.


PS, I love "sight-fishing" also (not the same thing as bed-fishing).... that is to say, stealthfully sneaking around, looking for big fish, then presenting a bait or lure to them, at times and places far removed from the spawn. I have caught many big fish that I saw first, from June to November !

...... but every other technique which produces big bass is the BOMB too ! Don't really know if I have a favorite...... just whatever works best for me, at that particular time and place.