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3555, RE: I hear ya'.........
Posted by hooksetter, Tue Jan-06-04 10:56 AM
Yah hit the nail on the head Chris, I don't fish for others or by their standards, only my own for that is all that matters. It's our freedom to critize by opinion, as well as ignore what is of no value to us. I appreciate someone's opinion against sight fishing, it is their right to decide, conversely, my soul joy in angling is sight fishing both zone fish and bed fish. It's a particular joy to find a zoner and get her to chow when there isnt' a bed in sight. I think a large reason I ignore anyone who opposes me being a sightfisherman, (like you said that's seeing fish, not necessarily bed fishing) is because it involves searching for big fish, not raping banks like many people do in the spawn. It's a matter or trophy hunting, not leaving a hook mark on every set of lips down the bank. This is the difference in my opinion, and of course, doesn't really matter what others think about it either way. In less than 50 days I'll be stalking and they can be drop shotting. As long as everyone is having fun and enjoy the freedom of life we have been blessed to enjoy, so be it.