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3568, RE: Well hey now Bigreenjobass.......
Posted by Fish Chris, Wed Jan-07-04 09:49 AM
I have to say, your post was "dead on" in a couple of respects ! (will get to those in a minute) and when you said you had used Shiners, you meant "SHINERS" ! Those Florida type are cool ! I would love to use some 10" to 14" Shiners for big trophy bass !
I was way off (about 5000 miles :-)) on my guess of your fishing at Clear Lk.

Yes, you are absolutely right that a live trout, would almost certainly out produce an artificial lure..... but of course they are "very illegal". Also yes, I do much better with artificial lures, than with live bait, while bedfishing too..... and I'll be the first to admit, during this time (and always depending on the receptiveness of that individual fish) I might be able to get them to hit a bottle cap with a hook on it, as it is not intended to look like a natural food item in the first place..... but rather, like a foreighn object intruding into the nest.

But back to the personal opinion part....... If I were over there in Florida, and were catching 8 lb'ers "too easily" with live shiners, I would simply start fishing more specifically for 10's, then 13's, then 15's, and on and on.... but that's just me, and I am pretty much of a self-admitted oddball in the first place :-)

Great fishing to you buddy,