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Topic subjectRIP Gill Mora
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47969, RIP Gill Mora
Posted by dbalaba, Sun Jul-09-17 09:05 AM
For those of you who knew Gill, he passed yesterday morning in his sleep. Gill was a good fisherman and was pretty competitive on the bass n tubes trail back in the day. He was a good fisherman and great friend. He had two kids and was a union metal stud framer and sheet rocker.

Back in march I got to witness Gill catch 3 8lbers that was part of a 33lb stinger on the dirty delta. I have a lot of great memories fishing with Gill and hanging with him at his house talking about fishing and life. The thing I will miss most about Gill is his kind soul, thoughtful heart and friendship. Rest In Peace Gill!!! Thx for the memories!!!!

To all my Bnt buddies take care