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48019, MR report
Posted by dbalaba, Thu Aug-24-17 02:00 PM
Sup guys! It was a beautiful day on the delta last Sunday and an even better day because they were biting. II started off fishing the eddies close to launch And keyed in on faster moving current for a 3 frog fish, big fish came at 8:00 from behind a tulie clump with 2 ft at the bank and deep water nearby with spars grass in front of it and shade. I went back over frog water with other techniques for nada. I went in search of the same water for nada. Around 930 I camped out on a drop off with current and deep water nearby. I picked up another good one about 1100. Infished the bridge and the marina for nada. Went back to the drop off and culled a few. Good times and good seeing you all out there.