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Topic subjectFirst Choice to Club Guys
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48086, First Choice to Club Guys
Posted by LzyFsh, Tue Jan-16-18 12:00 PM
GLoomis GLX BCR854 Mossy-Back Worm Rod 7'1" Fast -- $200
GLX MBR844C Jig Rod 7' Heavy -- $200
St Croix Mojo Swimbait Rod MBC79HF 7'9" Fast -- $70
Fenwick HMXT 76XH-T 7'6" Telescopic Flipping Stick -- $65

Curado (3 reels)"Old Style" (Green)Left Hand -- $70.00 each

All in good to excellent condition, lightly used, I don't catch a lot of fish.


"If we concentrated on the really important stuff in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles".