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Posted by big daddy, Mon Nov-05-18 10:17 AM
Ok, guys TOC this weekend Clear Lake vista resort. Ill be up on Thursday afternoon with Sal Castro Jr. Ill make sure the room are ready for everyone arrival on Friday, except those are coming on Thursday your already set. The room assignment are as followed:

Room 1 Me and Sal Castro Jr
Room 2 Dan Balaba and Scott Bernardo
Room 3 William Robinson and Topper De la Rosa
Room 4 Scott Rouhier and Taylor Capilla
Room 5 Robert Middleton and Oscar Baeza
Room 6 Mitch Teman

We will be doing a potluck Saturday night and
For those how haven't been to Clear Lake Vista Resort, there's a restaurant on site and BBQ grills in front of the room. Also if your coming up late Friday let me know ill be holding your room keys so you wont be stuck in the cold.

Launch times will be post shorty!