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Topic subjectWhites Slough report.
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48195, Whites Slough report.
Posted by fishonsal, Fri Apr-19-19 10:52 AM
Not gonna lie. This one was very nerve racking for me. This was the only chance I had and if I blew it it would prob never happen again.
For about 2 weeks prior the 3peat was bugging me.
Started out the day staring at probably the cleanest water I’ve ever seen on the Delta. Had a good feeling it may be tough and it was. Started on hitting a few spots that were good to me in the past with no success. While fishing I was searching for dirty water. Felt that the fish were spooky so I backed off the shore line more and made and my first long cast with a drop shot. I hooked up. I stuck with keeping my distance. A while passed and I noticed the water got dirtier. So My casts got shorter. I tried deeper tullie ledges and rock wallls with no luck. I tried senkos, punchin, drop shot, chatter bait, etc. with no luck.
I happened to just turn around and make a blind cast about 15-20ft in front of some tulles with the same dropshot and bam. #2. So I rowed to the next set of tullies and did the same thing and #3. That’s what I stuck with but was still a struggle. I heard everybody was struggling and nobody had a limit (so they say) 😂 but still knew I needed more. All it was going to take was one good fish and it was anybody’s game. I neede my limit and fished hard for it. Finally got my 4th. Didn’t even weight it just tossed in the live well. Looked to be about 2.5lbs. #5 never happened. At this point I have about 8.5lbs and time was out.on dropshot. With 8 min to weigh in me and Scott hauled ass back to launch. Arrived 3 minutes to weight in which cost me -1lb. Anthony arrives 7min lay with a -2 lb penalty and Topper was right there too with less that a half pound for the top 3. I won my 3rd tourney in a row at Whites. So at weigh in there’s a DFG officer present. He’s checking licenses. I pull out my wallet and guess what. I see my win disappearing cause my liscence is actually sitting on my counter at home. Any DFG violation results in a DQ. He allows me to look up my liscense on line. No violation. Ride home was good. 😂