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Topic subjectNovember 24, 2000 - Stardust 1/2 day
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101, November 24, 2000 - Stardust 1/2 day
Posted by , Sat Nov-25-00 02:18 PM
Today we took the 10-3 run on the Stardust. The crew consisted of my Dad, my Grandpa, Brian, Brian #2, Daniel and Daniel's dad. There were lots of other folks on the boat around 40 or so. We went down to the 4 mile and fished in 130-150 feet of water. Weather was beautiful, calm and almost no swell. First two stops were slow, my dad caught one nice chucklehead. 3rd stop was the money stop. It was hookup city as soon as the anchor was down on the whitefish. Lots of nice 2 and 3 pound whitefish for everyone on board. I was using kind of a funky rig and doing well, a 1.5oz head with a 5" cardiff plastics swimbait and a small dropper loop about 4 feet above that with a small strip of squid. I caught 4 or 5 whitefish on the squid and 2 short ling cod on the swimbait. One ling was a baby, the other was around 20".
After filling up the sacks pretty good we made one more move. First drop with a 3oz dropper loop and a live chovie I hooked up something good. Brought it up and it was a nice ling around 28 inches. Unfortunately with the ling cod ban, the jackpot went back in the water. The last stop was kind of slow after that, three more short lings were brought in and a few rockfish before we headed home. Fun trip as usual on the Stardust.