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Topic subjectMarch 24, Stardust morning run
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124, March 24, Stardust morning run
Posted by brian, Sat Mar-24-01 11:45 AM
With decent rockfish counts, I decided to jump onboard with Jason and crew and see if I couldn't catch myself a rockfish or two. Talked trailer parkin with Chaz for a bit, and we headed for the armpit. Light load, with MAYBE 10 guys. Enough room for 3 deckhands and Jason to pick up a rod (it was ALL regulars which was awesome. Not a rent rod onboard). Yesterday fishin was real good, but today it slowed down considerably. Long story short, the first spot didn't produce too well, so we ran around a little bit, hit 3 or 4 spots and called it a day. The fish that were caught were generally quality fish. Mostly big reds and browns and some nice big sheephead. A couple big sandies also met the gaff. A few of those endangered lings were caught, but none legal. I could only manage a single brown and didn't bother keeping him.