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Topic subjectApril 14, 2001 - Fishing Report
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131, April 14, 2001 - Fishing Report
Posted by swimbait, Sun Apr-15-01 04:36 PM
I was in town for Easter so I took the morning run on the Stardust. The rockfish had bit really good the day before and they also had a 30+ pound halibut. Things looked good. Jason was out of town so Billy was running the boat. We fished all day down around the armpit and 4mile, probably hit aboout 7 or 8 spots in 110-130 feet of water. Things never really got hot but there were fish to be caught. I started with bait and didn't do much at all so I switched to a 5" swimabait with a 2oz head. Right away caught a nice 3lb red and shortly after a slightly smaller starry. The kid who was pinheading, I can't remember his name, asked to borrow a tail so I gave him one. The next stop we both threw out on the first cast and he got whacked by something good. Fish came up and wound up being a ling probably around 15 pounds. One of the biggest lings I've seen caught locally as long as I can remember. Right after that I was dragging along the bottom and felt like I was dragging over some rocks so I took about 10 cranks to get clear of it. As soon as I freespooled I got whacked good on the sink. Hmm, felt like a bass, and wouldn't you know, I pulled a nice 3lb calico out of 125 feet of water. That was cool. After that I caught two lings again on the plastic, but they were both around 22-24 inches. Fun to catch and release 'em. One other guy got a ling about the same size. Overall it was slow but as usualy the swimbaits kicked butt. The only thing I think that kept it from snapping was that the wind was uphill, the waves were downhill and there wasn't much current at all. Kind of funky conditions.

Here's a pic of the nice ling the kid caught.

132, RE: April 14, 2001 - Fishing Report
Posted by , Thu Apr-19-01 12:54 AM
rob what color swimbait did you guys use.
133, RE: April 14, 2001 - Fishing Report
Posted by swimbait, Thu Apr-19-01 03:57 AM
Caught mine on a dark purple/clear deal made by cardiffplastics in 5". The kid in the pic was using a brown/clear/silver flake big hammer. Basically I try to imitate "reef critters" like shrimp, octopus, and crabs which are all dark in color.
134, RE: April 14, 2001 - Fishing Report
Posted by , Fri Apr-20-01 12:31 AM
kool . thanks for the info .