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Topic subjectWhite Sea Bass!
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1415, White Sea Bass!
Posted by Stardust, Mon Jun-20-11 03:32 PM
Jason Just Called in from the Stardust on a 1/2 day trip. and they have 2 WHITE SEA BASS. 35lb & 18lb. as well as some barracuda! They are continuing their hunt and will send a final report later. Call the landing for reservations on tomorrow's 1/2 day trip with Capt Luke for more WSB

2 white sea bass, some barracuda, rockfish make for a great day of fishing in Santa Barbara. Capt Luke will be at it again tomorrow going after the WSB. 20 Anglers, 2 White Sea Bass, 9 Barracuda, 72 Rockfish, 1 Sand Bass, 1 Ling Cod. Call the Sea Landing for reservations 805-963-3564, or after hours 805-886-0454

1416, RE: White Sea Bass!
Posted by Which Way Out, Mon Jun-20-11 06:33 PM
First time on the boat. Very nice. Jason and the crew are top notch and worked hard all day and ran clean boat, bow to stearn.

My friend Roy has always said to come out see for yourself. I picked a good day for it.
Nice and cool all morning with a bit of fog. The Capt. said he wanted to check out the surface bite so without telling where we went I gonna stick to the fish report.
The Capt. and Crew found some birds working bait balls in different locations and we just slid right in on em and collected a few cuda's each time. Then one of the passengers gets hammered by a huge WSB. At least one trip around the boat and a few tense moments later I hear it hit the deck. We knew that early into the trip that it could be an great day. Run to the next Bird/Bait ball and, well I might of farmed the only WSB I've ever been close to. Don't know for sure, but you never know. Then right next to me my buddy Roy gets hit. WSB ! ! ! He did a great job on getting what turned out to be his first ever WSP. A few more cuda's hit the deck and then its time to look around for more.
Well the Sun was starting to burn through and the birds were fat and didn't want to fly anymore so it was off to the rock fish.
Filled alot of bags with a nice mix and before you knew it, it was time to head back.
I saw nothing but smiles going off the boat and bags in peoples hands.
A good day for sure. Yea I missed my chance but summer just started and I will be back.

PS Not only are the Hamburgers as good as everyone say's, but the breakfast burritos was one of the best ever as well. And priced well to.