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Topic subjectSan Miguel March 5th Trip
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1584, San Miguel March 5th Trip
Posted by vodoo269, Mon Feb-06-12 06:12 PM
OK gentlemen! We have 14 people paid and ready to kill some fish. To confirm. March 1st will be the Rock fish AND Ling Cod opener. So we will be seeking the monster lings that reside out at Miguel. New phone number to reach me is: 805-794-5052 Thank you to the fishermen who got it done early. You can also email me at: jackson.jermaine@gmail.com
1586, RE: San Miguel March 5th Trip
Posted by vodoo269, Mon Feb-13-12 03:27 PM
***Alert ***We have 7 spaces left for the trip. I know that I have a check on the way from the man with the fast yellow car and from the best fisherman from the Philippians so really, I have 5 Spaces left. ***ALERT*** I'm just say'in....