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Topic subject"Opening Day!"
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1996, "Opening Day!"
Posted by Stardust, Sat Mar-15-14 05:15 PM
25 Lucky Anglers went on a trip to Santa Rosa Island for "opening day" (in Santa Barbara) and spanked the rockfish!!! 3 Cabezon, 1 Diamond Turbot, 2 Sheephead, 234 Rockfish, 23 Lingcod. FYI one of the cabezon was 18.5lbs on the scale!. We had amazing weather, great people, great fishing. We couldn't have asked for more on our first trip of the season. We are pumped and can't wait to get back out on the water tomorrow and the rest of the week. Our schedule is Mon-Thurs 1/2 day fishing, Friday & Sunday 3/4 day fishing. Please call the Sea Landing for reservations 805-963-3564. See you soon!