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Topic subjectWinner, Winner, fishy Dinner!
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2073, Winner, Winner, fishy Dinner!
Posted by Stardust, Sun Jul-20-14 05:01 PM
38 Anglers today went to Santa Rosa Island on our open party 3/4 day trip and are going home with 380 Rockfish & 35 Lingcod!!! Winner winner, fishy dinner! Our whopper of the week was also caught on today's trip, 28LB Lingcod by Caroline DeNick from Ventura. Way to go Caroline! We are open party 1/2 day fishing Monday-Thursday, all trip are a go, 3/4 day Friday only. Please call the Sea Landing for reservations 805-963-3564. We are booking fall & winter charters, did you know it's cheaper to book on a weekday? Go to www.stardustsportfishing.com for more info!