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Topic subjectStardust Charter kills it @SRI
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2340, Stardust Charter kills it @SRI
Posted by Stardust, Tue Apr-18-17 05:18 PM
We headed across to Santa Rosa Island this morning with nice weather forecasted. Our morning started off slow, we caught only a couple of fish off of each spot. We searched around in a variety of depths but found about the same fishing for the majority of our morning.
In the afternoon we found one zone that really wanted to bite and we were drifting perfectly to stay along the ridge for a while. We fished really hard for a couple hours and pulled up double and singles all around the boat which was a nice change of pace for our passengers. People of all ages were pulling in fish from the youngsters too the adults. Some of the quality of fish in that zone were extremely nice, lots of big reds, coppers and some huge olives and blues as well.

For our 31 anglers we ended up with our limits of rockfish and 3 lingcod. The stardust is private chartered tomorrow and is down on Thursday due to weather but you can make reservations for our upcoming trips through our website or call the sea landing at 8059633564.