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Topic subjectCoral Sea has Hot 1/2 day
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2343, Coral Sea has Hot 1/2 day
Posted by Stardust, Fri Apr-21-17 01:33 PM
Good afternoon everybody, Capt Jason here from the Coral Sea giving you our afternoon 1/2 day report. Today we had a small group and had extraordinary fishing! Almost every fish was a red except for a handful of other Rockfish. 8 Anglers, 70 Red Rockfish, 10 Assorted Rockfish and 1 Lingcod.
Everybody had a blast, we ended up having great weather too. The hot ticket today was an anchovy or Squid strip to a dropper loop set up and a 12 ounce sinker. This is a great time to get on our boats with the lighter load on half-day trips during the week. The Coral Sea is 3/4 day Tuesday-Wednesday, the Stardust is 1/2 day same days. Please book reservations early from our website www.stardustsportfishing.com or call the Sea Landing 805-963-3564 we look forward to seeing everybody soon, have a great day.