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Topic subjectStardust & Coral Sea 1/2 & 3/4 day
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2374, Stardust & Coral Sea 1/2 & 3/4 day
Posted by Stardust, Fri Jul-14-17 08:17 PM
July 14, Friday

Stardust 3/4-day

Today we charged the Santa Rosa Island ling zone, first thing before Westerly winds filled in the zone. Within 45 minutes we were limited out on lings. From there we fished spot to spot in windy weather, like speed dating, looking for that special one, catching a handful or two huge coppers per stop. 17 Anglers, 158 Rockfish, 34 Lingcod, 7 whitefish.
We gradually worked our way from 300 foot depths , into just 90 feet or so, by 1:30. The shallows produced lots of school fish, wrapping up our day. The route home provided some great humpback whale sightings, including close range breaches -porpoise by 100s too.
Our anglers really made it work, kept at it all day. We were joined by CCA-Cal Exec. Director Wayne Kotow today too, who had his ling limit in the first stop!
Stardust is 1/2 day fishing Monday and Wednesday, 3/4 day fishing Tuesday, Friday & Sunday. Please book reservations online from our website or by calling the landing at 805-963-3564

Friday July 14th, 2017

Coral Sea 1/2 Day trip

Good afternoon folks. We are idling up the beach after a nice relaxing day of 1/2 Day fishing today with only 14 anglers on board.
We started our morning in 140-160 feet of water and had a fair start to the day picking away at assorted rockfish and whitefish on our first few anchor jobs. Around noon we had a significant current change and no spots wanted to cooperate. After a few other spots with not much to show for our efforts we opted to try something different and headed into the shallows. No current and a little off color water made the shallows relatively tough however we were able to pick up a couple sandbass, a calico bass and some more assorted rockfish. Nice way to end the day and we are enjoying the beautiful weather.

Our 12 anglers keeping fish ended the day with 120 assorted rockfish, 51 whitefish, 1 Calico Bass, 2 Sand Bass and 1 Sheephead.

The Coral Sea is full the next two days and has room on there 3/4 Day trips Monday- Wednesday and the stardust has room Monday- Wednesday on there 1/2 Day trips. Please call Sea landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or visit our website to book online.