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Topic subjectStardust 3/4 Day 3.3.18
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2400, Stardust 3/4 Day 3.3.18
Posted by Stardust, Sat Mar-03-18 04:26 PM
Another great day of fishing for us over at the islands today folks.

With our 37 anglers we headed across this morning and got right to it in the deeper water for the first couple drifts of our day. Our morning was a little trying as our group adjusted to the strong current however we were able to get a sampling of nice Coppers and Reds. We tried a few spots out deep, the numbers weren’t adding up so we started working our way towards some shallower areas.

After some looking around we found a few smaller ridges that really rattled our gear with nice Coppers, reds as well as some misc. Rockfish to go along with it. We also found a couple schools of whitefish and had one cooperate adding some diversity to the bags. A lot of new faces today and everyone ended up doing a great job taking advantage of the opportunities we had.

Our 37 anglers ended the day with 267 Copper Rockfish, 48 Reds, 45 misc Rockfish, 116 Whitefish, 2 Lingcod and 4 Sheephead.

The Stardust is booked up for the weekend however we have plenty of room available all next week from March 5th-9th. The weather is looking really good right now for Monday-Friday. Please call Sea Landing at 805-963-3564 or visit our website to book online.