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Topic subjectCoral Sea 3/4 Day 3.12.18
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2414, Coral Sea 3/4 Day 3.12.18
Posted by Stardust, Mon Mar-12-18 04:17 PM
Heading in from Santa Rosa Island with flat calm weather all day.

This morning we had a lot of current and weird conditions however conditions changed for the better in the early afternoon. We got into a zone that bit really good. The chucks and reds were flying over full speed and we drove away from biting fish. The jigs got bit as well as plastics.

Our 25 anglers caught 157 chucks, 48 reds, 45 rock fish, 14 Ling cod.

We are running 3/4 days Tuesday and Wednesday, the Stardust 1/2 Day needs a few more reservations to go both days, make a reservation online or call Sea Landing ‭(805) 963-3564‬