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Topic subjectCoral Sea 3/4 day 3.13.18
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2415, Coral Sea 3/4 day 3.13.18
Posted by Stardust, Tue Mar-13-18 03:29 PM
Heading in from Santa Rosa Island. The ocean was calm and perfect. It pretty much rained all day and the fish didn’t mind!

We fished in deeper water all day and it was very productive. Catching mainly copper rockfish only a few reds and two big groupers. The squid worked very well and so did the jigs.

Our 25 anglers caught 250 rockfish, 4 Lingcod.

We are 3/4 day Wednesday with plenty of room tomorrow, then 1/2 day Thursday & Friday. The Stardust is 3/4 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday. Book online or make a reservation by calling the Sea Landing ‭(805) 963-3564‬