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$#%#$% NOOOOOO!!!
There goes cranking at the tournament! Get this, I ordered my new rod and reel in the beginning of last week so I would have them for my tournament,
ShamanoSep-22-00 01:09 PM
by Shamano
Fanacy Bass Fishing
Check this site http://www.fbc2 000.com/home_html/ho me_howtoplay.asp
CastroSep-22-00 05:02 AM
by Castro
Livewell Pump Question
Since I started using those little battery powered kerosene pumps for my livewell I have gone through 5 already! Has anyone else had any problems wit
ShamanoSep-21-00 11:54 AM
by Castro
Middle River Again?
I was just thinking why are we going there again, don't get me wrong the place is great but we have already been there twice!
Max KSep-21-00 11:53 AM
by max
Some tips for using the forum.
LAST EDITED ON Sep-21-00 AT 12:49 PM (PST)First off, thanks everyone for making this forum the killer tu
RobSep-21-00 09:46 AM
by Rob
Tournament camp sites
I have reserved site's 18,19 and 20 for saturday
JohnLakeSep-21-00 09:17 AM
by Castro
Last week the notorious 1 of 3 Yellow Barrons crashed and burned. Sorry to report that the man flying the plane did not make it.
CastroSep-21-00 08:48 AM
by Castro
I just read a few of the BnT guys won't be making the Invitational at Clear Lake. Who is still planning to make it?
ChrisSep-21-00 07:06 AM
by big_worm
are you going to make it to the delta tourney?
Max KSep-20-00 07:42 PM
by David C
Rob -- where's your S.P. photo?
I think you ought to add your 12:15'er to the BnT Photo page (even if you DIDN'T catch it from your tube)! -- j
Jeff S.Sep-20-00 07:02 PM
by Rob
9/24 tournie change
Due to lack of cooperation of Los Banos ranger's we are forced to change this weekends tournie to Middle River.I will be reserving about 3 camsites fo
JohnLakeSep-20-00 03:47 PM
by David C
Delta Report
Had the opportunity to work West Coast Bass Tourney this last weekend. The ticket for the top anglers were: Flipping in the morning ~ Early AM top wa
CastroSep-20-00 12:02 PM
by JohnLake
Los Banos tournament issues Pages 1 | 2 | 3
Last year there was a problem with the fact that they do not open the gates till 6:00am. After we voted this lake in back in January at our meeting. I
John LakeSep-20-00 09:15 AM
by Jeff S.
#@&*! I can't go...
I promised Linda I'd take her to the Celtic Music Festival in Sebastopol. Man, I gave up fishin' AND football for her. It is a fun festival though, f
ChrisSep-20-00 07:52 AM
by Chris
Tourney at banos(hell no)
Hey John, I went to Los banos on sunday, it ##### sucked, at least 100 degrees in that desert. I'll go where ever. But all that was going on ther
Tim CraneSep-20-00 04:36 AM
by JohnLake
Got new tube!!!!
just ordered my trout unlimited colorado(aka outcast fish cat 4) i know i know it isn't a kickboat. but it will do until i get my lisnece an truck. bu
Angler AndySep-19-00 03:11 PM
by Angler Andy
4th place prize this tournie only
Courtesy of Russ @ Yamamoto Baits they have given the club 5" Senko's I have set 3 packs a side for the 4th place prize for this sunday.I will be give
John LakeSep-19-00 11:59 AM
by JohnLake
Delta fishing
Are you guys fishing this weekend? I'm going to get out Saturday or Sunday over into the Delta. Care to join me? Give me a call perhaps we can set
Joey CastroSep-18-00 05:43 AM
by Joey Castro
nother tourny idea!!
aight guys good idea david bout the team teen vs. team geezer har har. but how bout just a team type a deal, drawing style. two guys teamed up connect
Angler AndySep-17-00 07:26 AM
by Shamano
TEAM TOURNAMENT IDEA!!!!!!! Pages 1 | 2 | 3
i got a ideal that would be a fun tournament i think, it would be tight if we had a team teen vs team old farts, LOL, the teens of b-n-t VS the grown
David CSep-16-00 06:07 PM
by David C
Float tubes vs. bass boats
I think most of you guys saw the thread on ncbf. So, egos, respect earning, and insult slinging aside, you think this thing might actually take place
brianSep-15-00 01:23 PM
by Joey Castro
go wrong. i just got my kickboat today, yipppeee im gonna make the los banos, me and charlie inflate and set up my blue heron 8 by outkast, "phew, don
David CSep-15-00 11:13 AM
by David C
Why don't we talk about getting this team thing started...
I still think evenly spreading the ages out would be a better idea than young V.S. old, the older guys have a lot more experience than us, and althoug
ShamanoSep-14-00 02:09 PM
by David C
This Forum
I want to thank you Rob for putting this forum together.Its great to see all the responses and activity its getting Thanks Rob this was a good idea
John LakeSep-14-00 06:01 AM
by Shamano
I was hoping my first B-n-T i would make is the clear lake "invatational". but we got the PSAT on the saturday of the 2 day event, &(&^%^$#^%$^, well
David CSep-13-00 04:38 AM
by John Lake
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