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Long limits & Rockfish
Stardust 3/4 day update: we are 3/4 day Thursday, Friday & Sunday. All days have super light loads as of now. Weather looks fantastic for Thursday. Ju
StardustMay-04-17 05:04 AM0999
Great Fishing Light Loads!
The Stardust is about to leave the dock on an awesome 1/2 day trip! We are scheduled for a 1/2 day trip tomorrow as well, but need a few more reservat
StardustMay-02-17 08:59 AM0897
Coral Sea Private Charter gets the fish
Hey this is Capt. Jason from the Coral Sea, we are just heading in from an amazing day of fishing up the coast on a private charter. The weather was d
StardustApr-22-17 03:53 PM0936
Coral Sea has Hot 1/2 day
Good afternoon everybody, Capt Jason here from the Coral Sea giving you our afternoon 1/2 day report. Today we had a small group and had extraordinary
StardustApr-21-17 01:33 PM0931
Stardust 1/2 day afternoon bite
Capt. Corey here with your 1/2 day report. We headed out to our deeper water zone this morning but found scratchy fishing to start our day. We looked
StardustApr-19-17 03:21 PM0920
Coral Sea Limits on Reds
Wednesday April 19th, 2017 Coral Sea 3/4 Day trip. Excellent fishing for us up the coast today folks. With only 15 anglers on board and windy we
StardustApr-19-17 02:01 PM0916
Stardust Charter kills it @SRI
We headed across to Santa Rosa Island this morning with nice weather forecasted. Our morning started off slow, we caught only a couple of fish off of
StardustApr-18-17 05:18 PM0914
Coral Sea @ Islands
Tuesday April 18th, 2017 Coral Sea 3/4 Day trip. Good afternoon everyone. We are still underway for home after fishing the islands today with 17
StardustApr-18-17 04:51 PM0867
Great day @ Islands
Monday April 17th, 2017 Coral Sea 3/4 Day trip. Good afternoon anglers we are headed for home after really fun day of fishing across at the is
StardustApr-17-17 04:08 PM0881
Stardust & Coral Sea
Post Subject Stardust & Coral Sea 4.16.17 Post Text Hello anglers, here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We headed up the coast today wit
StardustApr-16-17 06:19 PM0972
Stardust up the line
Hello everyone here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We are just heading in now from our coastal zone while the crew processes today's catch a
StardustApr-13-17 03:00 PM0935
Killer 1/2 day
Thursday April 13th, 2017 Coral Sea 1/2 Day trip We are just heading in with the crew processing our days catch while our group enjoys the nice
StardustApr-13-17 02:33 PM0916
Coral Sea @ Islands
Good afternoon folks. We are still underway for the dock after a pretty good day across at the islands with 22 anglers on board. We started our day
StardustApr-12-17 05:13 PM0884
Really Fun 1/2 day fishing!
Stardust 1/2 day report: We had a great day out here, lots of families on board and they had a great time! We caught lots of quality rockfish today a
StardustApr-12-17 02:59 PM0815
Coral Sea Easy Limits & Light Loads!
Monday April 10th, 2017 Coral Sea 3/4 Day trip Good fishing today folks. We left the dock this morning with only 15 anglers on board and headed
StardustApr-10-17 12:48 PM0887
Stardust & Coral Sea Reports
Stardust 3/4 day Report: We stayed along the coast today with a windy forecast offshore. We fished the deeper water again today and had consistent fis
StardustApr-09-17 02:32 PM0894
Light loads and good weather
The Stardust is a go 3/4 day fishing Thursday with Great weather in the forecast!! We have a very light load and fishing has been really good. Bookin
StardustApr-05-17 08:15 AM0908
Stardust & Coral Sea 3.2.17
Hello everybody, here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We headed across to the islands again with absolutely beautiful weather. We started off
StardustMar-02-17 03:57 PM01425
3.1.17 opening day reports!
3.1.17 Stardust 3/4 day trip Hello everybody, here is your 3/4 day report for the stardust. We had beautiful weather conditions today and headed a
StardustMar-01-17 04:56 PM01123
3/4 day at the Islands ALL week!
The weather tomorrow through the weekend looks amazing to fish at the islands! The Stardust has an incredibly light load Thursday and Friday. Book
StardustMar-01-17 11:24 AM01030
Lingcod & Rockfish Bites on!
Good afternoon folks we are heading in here with only 15 anglers on board today. Absolutely gorgeous weather today and pretty good fishing overall.
StardustDec-08-16 04:41 PM01602
Coral Sea & Stardust Fish Reports
Coral Sea 11.22.16 3/4 day Trip Good afternoon everybody, Capt. Corey here with the Coral Sea 3/4 day report. We started off up at Santa Rosa island
StardustNov-22-16 04:40 PM01628
Stardust kills it at SRI
Friday October 28th, 2016 Stardust 3/4 Day trip Beautiful day on the ocean today folks. After last night thunder and lightning we still made it
StardustOct-28-16 04:39 PM01977
Good Weather, BIG fish
Hey everybody Capt Jason here, we're just heading back across the channel while the crew is processing everybody's fish. I have to say, the weather to
StardustOct-25-16 04:15 PM01860
Lings on the Steady at SRI
Coral Sea 10.11.16 3/4 day SRI We fished rather far away again today at Santa Rosa Island with very good lingcod fishing. The rockfish fishing was O
StardustOct-11-16 07:20 PM02020
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