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Good fishing [View all]
35 people 236 rockfish, 5 Sheephead. If you are coming out tomorrow the plan is to e fishing shallow so bring bit your rockfish setup and your bass ge
StardustNov-26-13 05:59 PM0376

Nice 1/2 day fishing [View all]
31 Anglers, 254 Rockfish, 4 Sheephead, 4 Lingcod. Great 1/2 day fishing, lots of fun and great people on board! We are going 1/2 day fishing Tuesday &
StardustNov-25-13 03:56 PM0400

Limits of Lingcod! [View all]
35 people, 1 Cabazon, 70 lingcod, 4 ocean whitefish, 300 rockfish, 5 sheephead. Capt Dane the Lingslayer got limits of lingcod today at Santa Rosa isl
StardustNov-23-13 05:33 PM0396

Excellent Reds! [View all]
14 anglers, 65 red rockfish, 75 rockfish, 1 sheephead. Great fishing today and more to come tomorrow and Sunday Has another SUper light load!! Get som
StardustNov-22-13 04:35 PM0362

Light for tomorrow! [View all]
Fridays 3/4 day trip is a go with a super light load. Weather is still looking good for Santa Rosa Island. Please call the sea landing for reservation
StardustNov-21-13 08:27 PM0368

Limits & light loads [View all]
14 Anglers, 82 Red Rockfish, 58 Rockfish. Limits of rockfish on our 1/2 day trip here in beautiful Santa Barbara. We are open party 1/2 day Tuesday, W
StardustNov-18-13 05:23 PM0394

Limits at Rosa [View all]
24 Anglers, 238 Rockfish, 2 Whitefish, 24 Lingcod, 1 Sheephead, 1 Sculpin, 2 Cabezon. Nice limits of rockfish today out at Santa Rosa Island. We are
StardustNov-17-13 03:28 PM0395

Local 3/4 day limits [View all]
Nice local 3/4 day fishing today! 24 Anglers went home with 108 Red Rockfish & 132 Rockfish. We have a special 1/2 day trip tomorrow 9am-3pm, and we a
StardustNov-15-13 04:50 PM0399

limits & light loads [View all]
Excellent fishing today here in Santa Barbara! 15 Anglers, 78 Red Rockfish, 72 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod. This is the time of year where most trips are ligh
StardustNov-14-13 04:35 PM0378

Freezer Fillers! [View all]
10 Anglers, 110 Rockfish. Really good 1/2 day fishing continues into November. We are having a lot of fun on the weekdays, so make your reservations
StardustNov-12-13 05:13 PM0365

Thank you for your service [View all]
On behalf of the Stardust Family we would like to say Thank You to all of the veteran men and women who have fought and worked so hard for our country
StardustNov-11-13 02:50 PM0395

limits on the 1/2 day [View all]
We were out 1/2 day fishing today with gorgeous weather and great fishing. 10 Anglers caught 100 Rockfish, AND YOU CAN TOO! Come on out Wednesday o
StardustNov-05-13 05:31 PM0396

Coastal 3/4 day limits [View all]
Excellent fishing today up the coast, 40 Anglers, 400 Rockfish, 2 lingcod. Nice quality fish, fun people, great day on the water. We are 1/2 day Wed
StardustNov-03-13 04:07 PM0354

Great island fishing [View all]
32 Anglers, 320 Rockfish, 12 Lingcod, 4 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Turbot. We had a great private charter out to the islands today bringing back limits of roc
StardustNov-02-13 04:12 PM0278

Great island fishing [View all]
39 Anglers, 132 Red Rockfish, 221 Rockfish, 12 Ocean Whitefish, 2 Cabazon, 24 Lingcod, 1 Turbot. Really nice fishing today at Santa Rosa Island.Lots
StardustOct-25-13 06:00 PM0300

1/2 day limits. [View all]
18 Anglers, 136 Rockfish, 44 Red Rockfish. Limits of rockfish today right here in Santa Barbara! Great fishing today and look forward to more on Frida
StardustOct-23-13 05:05 PM0329

Lots o lings [View all]
40 Anglers, 376 Rockfish, 4 Cabazon, 42 Lingcod, 5 Ocean Whitefish. Excellent fishing today at Santa Rosa Island on our 3/4 day trip. Lots o' Lings! A
StardustOct-18-13 05:49 PM0306

Limits & Light Loads [View all]
Thursday's 1/2 day trip is a go, 9am-3pm!! Super Light Load, great day to bring both your rockfish gear and your light bass tackle. The boat had lim
StardustOct-16-13 01:18 PM0292

1/2 day fun day [View all]
16 Anglers, 89 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 1 Cabazon, 5 Sheephead. Good fishing today on our local 1/2 day trip. We are a go for tuesday's trip, we are 1/2
StardustOct-14-13 03:59 PM0312

Red october [View all]
31 Anglers, 243 Red Rockfish, 67 Rockfish, 17 Lingcod. Excellent red fishing on our private charter today. Nice lings too. The weather has been rea
StardustOct-12-13 05:59 PM0336

Hellooo Lingcod [View all]
37 Anglers, 44 Lingcod, 3 Cabazon, 1 Sculpin, 264 Rockfish. Holy lingcod batman! We had awesome rockfish fishing too! We are a go for Sundays 3/4 day
StardustOct-11-13 05:43 PM0300

Limits [View all]
15 Anglers, 42 Red Rockfish, 108 Rockfish, 4 Lingcod, 12 Sheephead, 1 Ocean Whitefish. Limits of rockfish along with a bunch of sheephead. We are a go
StardustOct-10-13 03:04 PM0294

Big Mixed Bags [View all]
17 Anglers, 10 Ocean Whitefish, 2 Sheephead, 3 Lingcod, 49 Red Rockfish, 106 Rockfish, 1 Halibut. Excellent 1/2 day fishing today, big mixed bags! W
StardustOct-08-13 03:49 PM0279

Fun 1/2 day fishing [View all]
24 Anglers, 57 Red Rockfish, 114 Rockfish, 13 Sheephead, 2 lingcod, 1 Calico bass 1 Sculpin, 1 Ocean Whitefish. Super fun 1/2 day fishing today!! Grea
StardustOct-07-13 05:03 PM0291

The Ranch Strikes again! [View all]
23 Anglers, 190 Red rockfish,40 Rockfish. We had another awesome private charter up at the ranch today. More big reds along with some other awesome ro
StardustOct-06-13 04:51 PM0281
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