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Wanna go fishing?! [View all]
26 Anglers went on a 1/2 day trip today and went home with 1 Sculpin, 3 Whitefish, 87 Rockfish, 142 Red Rockfish. Pretty good eh?! Really beautiful
StardustApr-14-14 05:34 PM0189

Nice day at Rosa [View all]
38 Anglers, 21 Lingcod, 58 Whitefish, 229 Rockfish, 1 Diamond Turbot, 110 Red Rockfish, 2 Cabezon. Excellent fishing at Santa Rosa Island today. We ha
StardustApr-13-14 05:35 PM0235

WOW [View all]
40 Anglers, 38 Lingcod, 132 Ocean Whitefish, 78 Red Rockfish, 235 Rockfish, 1 Sheephead. W O W. We had some gooood fishing today at Santa Rosa Islan
StardustApr-11-14 05:07 PM0182

1/2 Day Excitement [View all]
We had 23 Anglers today 78 Red Rockfish, 152 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod. Great day of fishing in front of Santa Barbara. Nice big reds and other rockfish. Co
StardustApr-10-14 03:38 PM0177

Get Kids Fishing! [View all]
Another fun trip 1/2 day fishing here in Santa Barbara! We had a bunch of super cute kiddos fishing on the boat today, it's great to see them so excit
StardustApr-09-14 02:55 PM0164

Fun Fishing! [View all]
Super fun 1/2 day fishing today!! 33 Anglers are going home with 103 Red Rockfish and 65 Rockfish. Nice time to come fishing, light loads for Wednesda
StardustApr-08-14 04:05 PM0186

Friends Of Rollo [View all]
We had the BEST time today on our afternoon 1/2 day trip with FriendsOfRollo᥿ 9;!! Thank you for fishing with us, we were more than blessed to ta
StardustApr-07-14 05:35 PM0175

Knock your sox off! [View all]
28 Anglers, 41 Lingcod, 279 Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 1 Sheephead, 1 Cabezon. Excellent fishing at Santa Rosa Island today, with two large groups on boa
StardustApr-06-14 05:14 PM0184

Killer day at Rosa! [View all]
32 anglers, 315 rockfish, 5 cabazon, 26 lingcod, 2 ocean whitefish, 2 turbot. Killer fishing at Santa Rosa Island! Limits of rockfish with some nice L
StardustApr-04-14 04:29 PM0222

Really Awesome 1/2 day fishing [View all]
Really, Really, Really Good 1/2 day fishing!! We limited out real quick today with an even mix of reds & rockfish. 29 Anglers, 140 Red Rockfish, 150
StardustApr-03-14 01:33 PM0239

1/2 Day Fishing Fun! [View all]
26 Anglers, 186 Rockfish, 74 Red Rockfish, 1 Sheephead Excellent half-day fishing today. We are 1/2 day fishing Thursday. 3/4 day fishing Friday & Sun
StardustMar-31-14 05:52 PM0197

Ranch Reds! [View all]
Nothin' like some HOT Ranch Action!! Private Charter went up the line and killed the REDS. 25 Anglers, 174 Red Rockfish, 76 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod. Re
StardustMar-28-14 02:45 PM0227

1/2 day special [View all]
We have a last minute 1/2 day special on this Sunday 9am-3pm. Please call the Sea landing for reservations 805-963-3564.
StardustMar-27-14 09:07 AM0212

1/2 day action [View all]
Another 1/2 day trip on the Stardust finished with limits of rockfish today. 30 Anglers, 246 Rockfish, 54 Red Rockfish. We are a go Wednesday & Thur
StardustMar-25-14 03:33 PM0235

1/2 Day Limits! [View all]
25 Anglers, 112 Red Rockfish, 138 Rockfish, 1 lingcod. Limits of rockfish on the coastal 1/2 day trip. Beautiful weather and great people made this an
StardustMar-19-14 02:22 PM0291

Killer day at Rosa! [View all]
More killer Rosa fishing with Capt. Dane today!! 40 Anglers, 316 Rockfish, 26 Lingcod, 9 Ocean Whitefish, 2 Cabazon, 2 Sheephead. We have great fish
StardustMar-16-14 05:29 PM0285

"Opening Day!" [View all]
25 Lucky Anglers went on a trip to Santa Rosa Island for "opening day" (in Santa Barbara) and spanked the rockfish!!! 3 Cabezon, 1 Diamond Turbot, 2
StardustMar-15-14 05:15 PM0309

Back in Business!!! [View all]
THE HARBOR IS OPEN!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! We are back in business people! Can you smell the burgers? The dredge did its business and we can run starting
StardustMar-14-14 10:38 AM0280

Update [View all]
The dredge broke, and the mouth of the Santa Barbara Harbor is still Sanded in. They were able to start Saturday, but after only 4 hours it broke. T
StardustMar-10-14 09:36 AM0276

Oh boy! [View all]
Did you hear the one about the boat that couldn't run cause their harbor was closed? Well...ya just did! Thats right folks, Due to the big storm tha
StardustMar-07-14 02:08 PM0344

Here we go!!! [View all]
ARE YOU READY???!!! March 1 is right around the corner, and we are coming back strong! The whole boat has gotten a face lift, the galley looks brand n
StardustFeb-28-14 01:20 PM
by Jose
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RE: Here we go!!!, Jose, Feb 28th 2014, #1

Big Lings [View all]
28 Anglers, 227 Rockfish, 18 Lingcod, 4 Ocean Whitefish. Really nice fishing at Santa Rosa Island on a private charter! We had a blast, thank you to t
StardustDec-28-13 04:38 PM0570

Big Fat Reds! [View all]
44 Anglers (4 were crew), 3 Whitefish, 195 Rockfish, 245 Red Rockfish, 14 Lingcod. Limits of rockfish at Santa Rosa Island today, lots of really nice
StardustDec-27-13 07:40 PM0482

Killer day at Rosa [View all]
37 Anglers, 30 Lingcod, 3 Ocean Whitefish, 297 Rockfish, 1 Cabazon. Another killer day at the Islands. Finally got to get across, and wow was it goo
StardustDec-22-13 05:08 PM0457

Excellent Reds! [View all]
43 Anglers (4 were crew), 260 Red Rockfish, 170 Rockfish. Another excellent day of fishing up the coast, lots of big reds & chucks. We are 1/2 day o
StardustDec-21-13 05:22 PM0394
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