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1/2 day yellowtail! [View all]
25 Anglers, 7 Yellowtail, 80 Red Rockfish, 59 Rockfish, 3 Sheephead, 4 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Lingcod. 1/2 Day Yellowtail in Santa Barbara!! about half w
StardustSep-10-15 04:32 PM01098

bites on reds & chucks [View all]
18 Anglers, 2 Lingcod, 90 Rockfish, 90 Red Rockfish. Bite's On!! We are back in action fishing at the Islands today, the funky conditions have clear
StardustSep-09-15 03:56 PM01268

Fishing the Islands [View all]
9 Anglers, 50 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod, 40 Red Rockfish Capt Dane and our awesome passengers went across to the Islands today, Boat to themselves. Fishing
StardustSep-03-15 03:59 PM01046

Cool Fishing on the Coral Sea [View all]
19 Anglers, 90 Red Rockfish, 100 Rockfish, 1 Rock Sole, 1 Bonito, 5 Lingcod. Capt. Jason ran the Coral Sea today and they really cleaned up! Really co
StardustSep-01-15 03:17 PM01061

good fishing, great trips ahead [View all]
Went fishing up the line today with unfavorable conditions at the islands. Picked up quality over quantity and had a fun time doing it. The Stardust
StardustAug-29-15 04:52 PM01129

26 Anglers, 1 Cabezon, 159 Rockfish, 15 Lingcod, 100 Red Rockfish. Capt. Dane & Crew did a great job today at Santa Rosa Island! Everyone got on som
StardustAug-28-15 05:23 PM0895

Great day at Rosa [View all]
33 Anglers, 162 Rockfish, 13 Lingcod, 110 Red Rockfish. Nice rockfish fishing at the islands today. Great private charter, thanks to our group, we had
StardustAug-26-15 05:23 PM01091

Bad A$$ Fishing!! [View all]
25 Anglers, 100 Red Rockfish, 150 Rockfish, 36 Whitefish, 75 Lingcod. Capt Dane Slayed the rockfish & Lingcod on a private charter today! Thank you
StardustAug-25-15 05:24 PM0883

Consistant Catches [View all]
Stardust is a go with a VERY LIGHT LOAD for MONDAY"S 1/2 day trip, Coral Sea is a GO for Monday's 3/4 day trip-JUST SHOW UP FOR BOTH BOATS!! The Star
StardustAug-23-15 09:57 PM01021

Made it across! [View all]
17 Anglers, 4 Lingcod, 45 Rockfish, 125 Red Rockfish. We were able to make it across to the Islands this morning despite ugly forecasts the day befor
StardustAug-20-15 05:04 PM0867

Great Charter at the Islands [View all]
24 Anglers, 167 Rockfish, 60 Red Rockfish, 4 Lingcod. Awesome Private Charter today on the Stardust! Thank you to our charter group, we had a great da
StardustAug-15-15 06:35 PM01133

Getting it done up the line! [View all]
18 Anglers, 39 Lingcod, 44 Rockfish, 136 Red Rockfish. Private Charter getting it done up the line today. Thank you Eric & Friends, it's always a pl
StardustAug-13-15 02:51 PM01085

Great Day in SB [View all]
34 Anglers, 1 Sheephead, 117 Red Rockfish, 132 Rockfish. Great 1/2 day fishing on the Stardust today. Lots of kids, going at it for the first time. We
StardustAug-12-15 03:11 PM01109

doesn't get much better [View all]
35 Anglers, 120 Red Rockfish, 230 Rockfish, 90 Lingcod. Doesn't get much better than this! Full bags of rockfish and near limits of lingcod! Fishin
StardustAug-09-15 05:40 PM01193

GO FISH! [View all]
Stardust & Coral Sea have super light loads for Friday's Trips. Coral Sea is a go 1/2 day & Stardust is a go 3/4 day. Please call the SEA Landing for
StardustAug-06-15 12:37 PM0828

Good 1/2 day fun [View all]
36 Anglers, 75 Red Rockfish, 87 Rockfish, 6 Bonito, 9 Lingcod. Steady 1/2 day fishing, we went looking for some surface fun, and wound up a few bonit
StardustAug-05-15 09:07 PM01068

Light loads! [View all]
Coral Sea has a SUPER light load for Monday's 3/4 day trip. Capt. Sye has been on fire whether he's at the Islands or on the coast! Call the SEA Lan
StardustAug-02-15 04:25 PM0784

Augustine [View all]
35 Anglers, 164 Red Rockfish, 170 Rockfish, 21 Lingcod. Private charter up at Augustine today, just a few fish off limits. Thank you Hector & friend
StardustAug-01-15 05:25 PM01110

Always a great day on the dust! [View all]
13 Anglers, 3 Sheephead, 45 Rockfish, 76 Red Rockfish, 2 Lingcod. 1/2 day fishing on the Stardust continues to be awesome. Lots of big rockfish, and a
StardustJul-27-15 05:58 PM01085

Good day [View all]
39 Anglers, 50 Red Rockfish, 93 Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 3 Lingcod, 2 Sheephead. Fun day, scratchy fishing. Weather was nice, and of course everybody on
StardustJul-21-15 06:25 PM0943

Santa Rosa-Riffic! [View all]
39 Anglers, 120 Red Rockfish, 209 Rockfish, 26 Lingcod. Happy Anglers going home after a beautiful day at Santa Rosa Island on the STARDUST. Conditi
StardustJul-19-15 05:33 PM01044

Awesome Fishing! [View all]
15 Anglers, 25 Lingcod, 45 Rockfish, 105 Red Rockfish. Another awesome day of fishing at the Islands on our 3/4 trip. Fishing has been great and the l
StardustJul-17-15 04:44 PM01027

1/2 Day Summer Fun [View all]
40 Anglers, 72 Red Rockfish, 186 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod, 2 Sheephead.  Really fun Summer 1/2 day fishing on the Stardust today.  It's been more of an aft
StardustJul-15-15 05:02 PM01170

The Red Zone [View all]
22 Anglers, 80 Rockfish, 140 Red Rockfish. We are in the RED Zone! Great fish coming over the rails on the Coral Sea, great quality & quantity. The
StardustJul-14-15 02:04 PM0750

Limits up the line [View all]
17 Anglers, 130 Red Rockfish, 40 Rockfish, 1 Rock Sole, 7 Lingcod. Limits of really nice quality rockfish (mostly reds) up the line today. Great boat
StardustJul-13-15 03:36 PM0720
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