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Topic subjectMay 14, 2001 Fish Count
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148, May 14, 2001 Fish Count
Posted by , Wed May-16-01 08:17 PM
My son and I went out today. Light load of eight anglers. Started out looking for calicos and barries. I got bit off by a barrie on the first cast. A few calicos were landed then it died. Lots of fish on the meter, a little warmer water and it will be on. Went to the carpenteria area and everyone did well on the rockfish. About 4 around seemed to be average. Some big browns were caught along with an island quality Red. My son managed a nice barrie that eventually won the jackpot. This was his first. He gave the whole pot to the crew, I was very proud of him. Tried the calicos again just before heading in. Had them up boiling. Three or four ate the surface iron, then it stopped again. Overall a nice day on the water. Bait is very nice anchovies and small sardines.