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Topic subjectSeptember 15, 2002
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413, September 15, 2002
Posted by Howard, Sun Sep-15-02 04:58 PM
Today on a 3/4 day trip 34 anglers caught 2 ALBACORE, 4 Lings, 1 Calico, 13 Sandbass, 38 Rockfish and 12 Reds
414, RE: September 15, 2002
Posted by swimbait, Mon Sep-16-02 04:37 AM
I talked to Jason, he said that the albacore must have been a misprint or a mis-statement by someone at the landing. They have been having some good rockfish fishing at Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, but no albacore or anything like that.
415, RE: September 15, 2002
Posted by mceehops, Thu Sep-19-02 04:07 AM
well thats scary....
416, RE: September 15, 2002
Posted by MrTree, Thu Sep-19-02 05:36 AM
Yeah, that got my heart going.

Anyone know if there will be any boats making runs to Rodriguez out of Sea Landing this year??? I know the Seahawk came back for a short spell last year as did the Condor when the albacore were running.

Nice to be able to leave from your backyard on an overnight even though it makes for a longer run.