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Bixpy jet drive
Have any of you guys put a jet drive on your kickboat? I saw this thing on some dude's kayak youtube channel (Greg Blanchard). Looks ideal for kickb
swimbaitMar-19-19 09:47 AM04
Remember, Membership dues must be paid prior to fishing a 3rd BnT event in any one year for AOY/TOC points to accumulate. There's a few of you that ha
big daddyMar-15-19 03:36 PM013
result from salt spring
Salt Spring Results Dan Balaba 14.40 Mitch Teman 14.01 Wayne Thomas 9.42 Rob Middleton 9.35 Scot t Bernando 8.95 T De La Rosa 8.86 Scott Ro
big daddyMar-15-19 03:36 PM012
Salt Springs valley 3/9/19 check-in info
Salt Spring valley reservoir (7422 Rock Creek Rd., Farmington, CA95320). Launchi ng at the ramp Weigh in at the ramp Check in 545-620 Launch
dbalabaMar-07-19 09:06 PM
by FnB
Salt springs launch location change.
There will be another tournament on the lake this Saturday and we’ve been asked by the manager to leave the ramp clear for the boaters. We’ll be l
dbalabaMar-06-19 11:36 AM063
Lake Camanche 2/9-2/10 check-in info
Happy 2019 Bass n Tubes! Here’s the info for our first stop on beautiful Lake Camanche. We’ll be launching at the North Shore Marina launch ramp(2
dbalabaFeb-04-19 09:34 AM
by mteman
Staying at Lake Camanche
For those of you camping or staying at the hotel or cabin at Lake Camanche. Please get in contact with me, i have one night free for you guys. Just te
big daddyJan-22-19 03:20 PM0226
2019 Schedule approved by DFG
Less then 30 days before B-n-t first official tournament at Lake Camanche, also there a updated to the August schedule we will not be able to do Disco
big daddyJan-17-19 07:00 PM
by Robm478
Date and locations 2019
Date and locations are subject to change but this is what the schedule is looking like for 2019: 1) February 9th and 10th Two Lake Camanche Nort
big daddyJan-15-19 12:11 PM
by mteman
New Melones meet up jan 19th who’s in?
A few of us will be up there for bragging rights( weather permitting )so bring your livewells if you’re joining the fun. Glory Hole ramp Checki
dbalabaJan-09-19 09:08 PM0185
Yearly meeting
Question, looking at having the yearly meeting Mountain Mikes in Pleasanton on the Weekend of the Dec 15th. Does everyone prefer a Saturday or Sunday
big daddyDec-03-18 10:20 AM0354
Check in for TOC
Check in Info for TOC: Check will be Clear Lake vista Boat launch from 5:00am to 5:15am and we will try to launch by 5:30am. Weight-in 3:00pm Sat a
big daddyNov-06-18 10:42 AM0448
Ok, guys TOC this weekend Clear Lake vista resort. Ill be up on Thursday afternoon with Sal Castro Jr. Ill make sure the room are ready for everyone a
big daddyNov-05-18 10:17 AM0327
2018 AOY results
Congrats to Dan Balaba for taking the 2018 Angler of the year title! Angler Points 1 Dan Balaba 390 2 Mitch Teman 36
mtemanOct-31-18 10:37 AM0343
Lake Berryessa results
ANGLER WEIGHT BF #FISH POINTS 1 Dan Balaba 14.78 6.04 3 50 2 Mitch Teman 11.05 5 49 3 Scott Bernardo 10.90 5 48 4 Noah Salazar 5.75 3 47 5 Robert
mtemanOct-31-18 10:11 AM0317
Berryessa check in info
Hey all the last stop of the regular season is Spanish flat resort on beautiful lake Berryessa this Saturday 20 2018. There is a 15.00 day use fee tha
dbalabaOct-17-18 06:07 PM
by dbalaba
Nov 10th and 11th TOC at Clear Lake Vista Resort
Nov 10th and 11th TOC at Clear Lake Vista Resort. it looks like there going to be no change on who's making the TOC, this year. I want to start boo
big daddyOct-10-18 04:09 PM0428
New pro fishing league
For those who follow pro fishing check this out. http://bassz one.com/bass-talk-li ve/replays/m.blog/17 45/september-13th-20 18-edwin-evers-and-t he-mlf
dbalabaSep-13-18 10:10 AM0555
Whites slough report
This tourney the same game plan as last year was in the back of my mind but knew that was a real long shot. I started off the morning with a whopper
fishonsalAug-29-18 02:26 PM
by dbalaba
Restocking fish by plane
After watching this vid I don’t feel too bad about tossing fish back hahaha https://m. youtube.com/watch?v= fJ0ulj0GbG4 Dan
dbalabaAug-27-18 06:45 PM
by fishonsal
White slough check-in info
Hey tubers next stop is Whites Saturday 25 2018. . We’ll be launching from the usual location off guard rd (near 12010-12034 Guard Rd, Lodi, CA 9524
dbalabaAug-21-18 07:31 PM
by FnB
Delta Open info
Hey Bass n Tubes the next event is on the Delta out of Piper Point Marina this Saturday July 14. This is a two day event hope everyone can’t make i
dbalabaJul-09-18 11:41 PM0808
Middle River results
Yup this forum is still broke so I can not upload files. The Middle River results and AOY updates have been posted here... https://www .facebook.com
mtemanJun-26-18 08:37 PM
Middle River check in
Hey tubers next stop is Middle River( 14301-14415 W Klein Rd, Stockton, CA 95206)Sat June 23rd. We’ll be launching from the levy as usual. Hope ever
dbalabaJun-22-18 10:13 AM
by dbalaba
SSVR report
Salt Spring Valley Reservoir Report 5/12/18 Wat er Temp: 70 Weather: 88 and breezy I had been looking forward to rejoining my Bass-n-tubes brot
Maximill15May-18-18 09:54 PM
by Robm478
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