California rules when it comes to saltwater fishing. Start in San Diego and fish up to Humbolt and you can catch just about every type of fish in the western Pacific.  The articles in the saltwater section reflect this and demonstrate how to catch a variety of saltwater fish using artificial lures and bait.

The 2009 Qualifier 105 / Big Hammer Skiff Trip: A recap of the outstanding fishing on the 2009 Qualifier 105 / Big Hammer Skiff Trip to Cedros, Benitos, and San Martin Islands.
Calico Bass on the Plastics and the Iron: Calico bass are targeted from Santa Barbara to San Diego and point South. Has calico fishing on part boats ever left you wondering how some guys were absolutely slaying them while you only caught a couple? This article points out some of the finer points of swimbait fishing and throwing the iron for calico.
Halibut Fishing Swimbait Style: Want to catch California Halibut, fishing swimbaits is the ticket. This article details the equipment, tactics and other how to that can make catching a legal halibut a regular occurence when you go fishing rather than a fluke (no pun intended).
Calico 5-5-5: Captain Larry Heron of Calico Hunter fame shares some of his proven tricks and tips for catching more and bigger calico bass. Larry covers the proper tackle, presentation and how to locate calicos and catch them under varying conditions.
Shallow Water Sandbass: Sand bass are found in most bays in Southern California and can be caught from docks and the shore. A little know how and you can take off after work or school and have a blast catching these guys.
California Corbina Fishing 101: Bill Hartman wrote this great article about targeting the wily corbina from the surf. The corbina is truly the brown trout of the saltwater world. Skittish, smart, and often times hard to catch, Bill gives some good low down on how to consistently catch 'em.
Catching Colossal Corbina: Bill Hartman dishes out the scoop on how to sight fish for giant corbina in the surf. Bill discusses the finer points of corbina stalking to give you the skills to catch these wary, hard fighting fish.

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