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Shimano Curado Maintenance Guide

By October 26, 2006

This article describes in detail the steps to disassemble and service you Shimano Curado 200B series reel.  Keeping your reel clean and well maintained will ensure that the reel will perform properly when you need it most.  The Curado is designed for both fresh and salt water. But heavy use in salt water requires more frequent maintenance.  At a minimum, this service should be performed on an annual basis to ensure peak reel performance.  Shimano parts referenced in the article can be ordered by calling Shimano directly at 1-877-577-0600.

List of tools that may be needed to service your Shimano Curado 200B:

      1) Small Phillips screwdriver
      2) Q-tips
      3) Shimano oil part number BNT1445
      4) Towel or rag
      5) Shimano grease part number A-dra1/4 (¼ ounce size will do around 5-15 reels)
      6) Schematics of the reel [ CU200B | CU201B ]
      7) 10mm wrench or nut driver or the Shimano tool that came with the reel
      8) Small flat head screwdriver
      9)   Long Phillips screwdriver (Size 1 or 0)
      10) Toothbrush
      11)  Rubbing Alcohol

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