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3:16 Lure Company - Baby Bass

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Magmaster( Lake Forest, CA) Mar 29, 2007
Baby Bass
I have been lucky enough to fish the Baby Bass through all the stages. I have seen this bait change 4 times until Mickey decided this was the one to release. I have caught fish on each model he developed. Probably hundreds of fish to be honest. This bait is spot on perfect in detail and color. The size is perfect for small and large fish alike. Personally my largest fish to date is 8-1. I have several fish in the 3-6 pound class on this bait.

The waking action is very good. I prefer the twitch and pause technique with this bait. I simulates a struggling/dieing bass on the surface. The fish will leave cover to eat this bait. You must twitch the bait on a slack line and let it pause for a while. I have caught fish waking, subsurface and on the dead stick as well. I really like running this bait parralell to tooles and docks.

The paint finish is very durable and so is the bait. Of course being it is made of a polymer material it can break. I have bounced my bait off of rocks, docks and anything else that has a hard surface with no breakages yet. The hard tail is what seperates this bait from several others. The click-clack sound you get is a dinner bell!

The bait also comes with Owner hooks and high quality balck split rings. The bait uses a 1/0 Owner in the front and a #1 in the back. No need to replace hardware on this bait out of the package.

The only flaw I can find with this bait is the potential for fowling on a cast. If you cast sidearm style you will greatly reduce the chances of fowling the bait. Typically the line will catch the front hook and turn the bait sideways. This is not super common but it can happen.

I use a Compre CPCE70MH rod to throw this bait (Which has been discontinued :( ) and a CTE300 with 25# Izorline XXX line. I like heavier line since I fish so close to structure. I will be switching to a Curado 300DHSV very soon for this bait and I have been playing with the Crucial 711H swimbait rod. So far I like it but I prefer a shorter rod for fishing tighter to cover.
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