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Trophy Sticks

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Chris Fenton( Auburn, CA) Mar 16, 2010
not good, not cool and the truth!
I\'ve put many hours on these for very lil fish and they have peeled/cracked. Out of the dozen I\'ve bought, the only one that never peeled was one I found. I\'m never buying another one ever! The distributor/owner of these lures also harrassed me when I complained about them on fishing boards a few years ago.
Brigham( Oaklan, CA) Nov 21, 2008
Have any of you had trouble with the lures spliting? Wondering if it happening to anybody else the two I bought online finish split.
Mike P( Sacramento, CA) Jul 07, 2008
Trophy Sticks
Trophy Sticks are off the hook. They are my preferred trophy lure in most of the places I fish. It is very consistent and if the fish are biting they will hit it. It has a great action and looks very promising, just looking at it. It is very detailed and actually looks better than any jerkbait out there. We have caught monster bass throughout the Sac valley and delta as well as Shadow Cliffs in the bay area, San Pablo and has produced sizeable fish to say the least at Vaqueros, Chabot & Del Valle. It is great on all trout as well. The Trophy Stick is my favorite jerkbait by far.
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